What it means for you:

  • Buying prices at around 70% off RRP 
  • Sell to dealers and resellers in your territory at excellent prices and profit margins 
  • Get free marketing images and electronic brochures 
  • Access to non-branded website - - for use by your dealers/resellers and customers alike 
  • Flexibility to buy a mix of products in one container, or to purchase part container loads (but full freight costs will apply)  
  • Flexibility to purchase additional items from stock

COE Group's commitment to you

  • Sample goods available from stock at distributor prices to try products before committing to larger orders
  • Product research and development completed; we are supplying tried and tested products.
  • All products meeting UK regulations and laws, all transport arrangements made on your behalf.
  • You will be the only allocated distributor within your territory (to be agreed)
  • We will continue to research and develop new products according to customer demand
  • Lead time on products by container 8-10 weeks from order to arrival at Felixstowe port in Suffolk, UK 

Your commitment to us

  • Payment of 40% deposit with order, balance 14 days after container leaves Chinese port
  • To promote products directly within your own Target area, to either dealers/resellers or to your own end user customers
  • NOT to promote products directly outside of your own territory; passive enquiries coming via your website or word or mouth, etc may be serviced
  • Not to undersell.  To strive to achieve recommended prices to maintain profit margins for all distributors
  • To cooperate with other distributors where possible for the mutual benefit of the network